Saturday, February 20, 2010

Melaka Policemen are stupid!

Lame ass stupid mother f***ing Malaccan policemen!!

You don't f*cking close both ends of a road and call it a 'one way street'.

If I had an emergency and someone died cos of your lame ass instructions I swear to god I will take a knife and stab you where you stand. Then I'll go to whatever stupid event/program that's being held there which is apparently oh-so-important that you have to f*cking cause a massive traffic jam and crash the damn event. I'll throw chairs I'll overturn tables I'll kick speakers off the damn f*cking stage.

Never have I yelled at an authority before. Tonight's the first.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If moniez can laugh....

... they would laugh at how pathetic I am and how they so PWNED me...

That's quite sad now, ain't it?

Just in case you don't get the picture...

Top account is my savings account balance, and below it is my credit card balance. And yes, that also means that I don't have enough moniez to pay my credit card. Whoopeedoo~! Thank god I'm getting paid by the end of this week... +_+

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are you a Taylor fan?

And no, I'm not talking about the twilight actor. I'm talking about Taylor Swift! Granted, I admit I'm not her biggest fan, since I don't have her latest album or a website about her or dozens of posters of her on my wall. But I do keep track here and there about her. What makes me more of a fan is that she's so human. Like seriously. Like you look at her and you think, hey she can easily fit in to be my friend. She's funny, honest, lovely as hell, beautiful like zomg, and she's just living her star life like a normal life. Like she said, it's been thrown at you whether you like it or not, you can choose to embrace it or ignore it but it's still there. She chooses to embrace it because being a role model for millions of young girls out there is an honor. And I'm glad she's setting a really good example.

I'm thankful for her mum too, as she travels with Taylor everywhere she goes, and that actually helps a lot in keeping her sane, I believe. Not that she will go crazy if she doesn't have her mum there, but it helps so much to know there's someone keeping you grounded all the time. Oh, I forgot to mention, she's also very talented and a very hard working lady. I'm really happy for her success because she worked so hard to get there, and deserve every bit of it, and more.

And I just read she won all 4 CMA awards she was nominated for!!!! I'm freaking happy about it. I saw her video blog about being nominated, and since then I keep hoping and hoping she won some of them, but all of them is just fabulous!!! And I loved the dress she wore to the awards too! Look!

I wanna have a dress like that someday... it's SO COOL! I totally love the part where the top glittery part meets the many layers of sheer fabric at the bottom. It looks like a those little fairy dresses (picture Tinkerbell) but with a long gown at the bottom. I know she loves playing the part of a princess in a beautiful fantasy, and that's what this dress says to me. Totally my kind of style too. Speaking of styles, her sense of style for long dresses is so totally awesome, for me anyways.

I've spent the past 2 days watching videos on youtube which concerns here lol... and thanks to Lee Na for mentioning this to me, but you so gotta watch the prank Ellen played on her. It was hilarious! Search for 'Ellen pranks Taylor Swift' and you'd most likely get it. And yes, I'm lazy to search for it again to post it here. Go do it now! I've watched it like... 40 times maybe? LOL.

Love you Taylor~!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Which is your favourite finger?

I know this is random *lawl* and I don't know if anyone else has a favourite finger like I do, but I do...

My favourite goes to my little pinky~! I love both my right and left pinky equally though, so there is no favourite among the pinkies. But they're so cute! And I love putting nail polish on them because they're easy to apply, looks good, and well.... they look great! Ok fine, the reason I love them is because of their nails.... but hey, they carry my favourite nails so they gotta be my favourite fingers! :p

Do you have a favourite finger?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Talk about short forms...

You know how a lot of people use short forms when typing SMS? Something like "Hey, i c u r not going tonite. Y?"

Well, try to see if you can read this:

"Arrd a 10.15. Smooth flight. Drivg alg hway 4 1half hr b4 stopg 4 lunch. Weather is hot,vegetn like msia.Bye"

I know it's not THAT hard to understand...

"Arrived at 10.15. Smooth flight. Driving along highway for 1 half hour before stopping for lunch. Weather is hot, vegetation like Malaysia. Bye"

It's not hard, I know. But the shocker is that, this was an SMS typed by my mum. o.O

I still ask myself... is it a bigger shock for me to be able to read that, or is it a bigger shock that my mum actually wrote that?

Friday, October 02, 2009

Still freaking pissed....

Refer to below post. I didn't sleep well last night cos I was so pissed. Had to make changes to our plan and ended up needing to spend more than $500 extra. W T F. That's like more than half my salary after conversion.

Really SIAL SIAL SIAL punya perempuan jahanam!!! Lahanat! Bebal! Tak berperikemanusiaan! Bahalol! Toyol! SSSSIIIIAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! Biar mampus pon aku tak kisah. Sungguh geram! Dendam aku sangat kuat....

And no, no translation to all the cursing I did there. So don't bother asking. :p

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Freaking pissed!!!!!

So part of my US trip is to visit Houston cos Ben wants to meet his good friend from WoW. And you know what we got in return? Today she tells us she's moving to Florida.


I don't even know where to begin rambling but I'm SO PISSED right now. I bitched to 3 colleagues at work already.

I mean you offered us a place to stay at your apartment, WTF happened? Just leaving us with a messed up trip now? Freaking inconsiderate. Freaking bitch. I don't care if Ben hates me for calling his friend a Bitch. I don't care if he wants to dump me cos of this. I totally hate her right now.

I knew I should not have included Houston as part of my itenerary when I visit the States. I was being nice to Ben cos he wants to meet her real bad. Now I'm screwed out of being nice. I could have made more plans with my friends in Austin. I could have spent more days in Ohio or LA. I disappointed some Austin friends to make time for the Houston trip.

I'm freaking pissed right now!!!

Now the question is.... should I send a mean spiteful in-game mail to her when I get home and WoW, or should I just completely ignore her and hold a grudge on her for the rest of my life.

If you're thinking "Hey, it's a small matter, why get so worked up about it?" Well, it's not! Just because this involved a helluva lot money and planning! Just because I do not visit the States every weekend. Just because you decided at the LAST MINUTE. My brother was right referring her as a bitch when I told him I'm going to be visiting her. I'm sure a lot of people from my first guild would agree as well. I was stupid to tell my brother otherwise, and even defended her. I feel so stupid standing up for her, giving excuses and all, compared to my bro's hard facts, just cos she's Ben's good friend and I thought I should defend her. Too late realizing she's a bitch now.

So freaking spoils my mood about my trip, and it's only a week away. If not for the huge amount of money already spent for it, I would probably have not went, cos going on a trip with this feeling sucks balls.

Seriously.... What The F-ing F....